Your Hotel for 2019 Waste Management Open

You guys. It’s literally freezing in the Midwest. Temperatures are being compared to Antarctica. Antarctica for crying out loud! Negative 30 degrees in Minnesota… incomprehensible. News stations in Chicago are urging people not to talk too much (or breathe!), because the cold is that intense. Mail delivery has been postponed. A state of emergency has been called in Wisconsin. Even schools in Tennessee have been closed, because they are expecting snow. It didn’t actually snow today, but all of the kids are safe at home in case they get those 2 inches… I digress.

In less than two full days, Scottsdale will host the Waste Management Open. And guess what? The weather is going to be perfect… Well, maybe not on Saturday as rain is predicted. But in this desert, rain predictions are rarely accurate. And Scottsdale, AZ weather is much closer to perfect than anything some of your Facebook friends are posting about! Temperature highs will be in the 70s for this event and the only thing that’s going to be cold is your beer! If it does rain in Scottsdale on Saturday, let the kid in you out to play and soak. it. up.

Scottsdale Suites on Shea is a great place to stay for the Greatest Show on Grass! It’s a 6 mile drive from TPC Scottsdale and the staff at your boutique hotel is eager to welcome you as you gear up for a ridiculous good time. You don’t have to like golf to enjoy this sporting event. You don’t even need to know what’s going on, because 74% of the crowd there is just there to be seen, to drink in the sun, or to people watch (FYI That statistic is completely made up).

At the Waste Management Open, you’ll see all walks of life. You’ll need comfortable shoes and sunscreen. And you should have a plan. Do you want to watch Parade Style? Pick a spot and plant your behind in the grass. Or do you prefer Cross-Country Style where you follow a certain player around the course? Maybe you could do both! However you chose to plan your time at the Waste Management Open, you really can’t go wrong.

Oh and the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale is not just a golf tournament. Each day closes with a legendary concert and giant party in The Coors Light Birds Nest – rivaling some of the best concert venues in the country. Musicians like Jake Owen, Snoop Dogg (D-O-Double G!!), The Chainsmokers, Lee Brice, and some others (that I’m not cool enough to know) turn the TPC into the hottest night club in Scottsdale!

Book your stay at Scottsdale Suites on Shea. Get out to the Waste Management open. Party with the pretty people. And wake up in the morning to a free breakfast (compliments of Scottsdale Suites on Shea!). Rinse and repeat for four days.

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