Eerie Escapades in Scottsdale’s Backyard

So, you’re all settled in to Scottsdale Suites on Shea. You’ve taken advantage of all of the wealth of amenities this quaint boutique hotel offers… the fresh coffee, some gooey cookies, the heated pool, comfy beds, and maybe you’ve even been eager on your vacation to Scottsdale and gotten your fitness on in the hotel gym.

If you’ve spent some time getting to know the Scottsdale area and the trendy bars and restaurants, golf courses, shopping, and you’ve ventured out a bit and seen what Arcadia has to offer… Like, Skee Ball at Little Woody’s, LGO for pimento cheese dip, or you’ve enjoyed dinner by the fire at Chelsea’s Kitchen and you’re feeling a little antsy to see what else Arizona has to offer outside of Scottsdale, then consider a day trip to Jerome!

Jerome is enchanting (sort of like Scottsdale Suites on Shea!), but with an extra side of a wealthy copper history topped with a little thrill of the ghost stories and old mining town narratives.

Straight North of the Scottsdale Suites on Shea, Jerome is located on top of Cleopatra Hill and is only 2 hours away from your hotel door. Founded in 1876, Jerome was once known as the wickedest town in the west!

You can’t take a Haunted Ghost Walk through Scottsdale or your boutique hotel, but you can seek out spirits in Jerome. Try talking to the dead or spooking yourself while learning about Jerome history with one of the tours offered (Just Jerome tour, the Spirits of Jerome Haunted Tour, and the Classic Haunted Tour).

Scottsdale, Arizona doesn’t offer any opportunities to dig up gold and mine your own business (punny!) while visiting, but $2 and 45 minutes of your time will catch you up to speed on all of Jerome’s mining history in the Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum.

If you’re anything like me, your vacations (and daily schedule!) revolve around food and when you’re eating next. Scottsdale restaurants really strive to whip your taste buds into a frenzy. They’re trendy. Fresh, gluten free, Vegan… whatever you’re into. The competition to be a top restaurant in Scottsdale is fierce, so you can expect the best.

But Jerome is a small destination city and so they too have to work hard to draw in visitors like you. I guess what I am trying to say is that whether you’re dining in Scottsdale or Jerome, your hunger will be satisfied, your belly full, and your pants a little tighter.

The perfect day eating in Jerome would consist of a breakfast burrito from Mine Cafe, a drink at the bar from Asylum Restaurant, a giant burger from the Haunted Hamburger, followed by snacks and wine from Grapes.

Scottsdale Suites on Shea provides comfort and relaxation on your visit to Scottsdale, AZ. But if you need to add some eerie escapades during your stay, head up north to Jerome.

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